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Send a Pokemon type!

Fire: What's something that you're more passionate about than you'd care to admit?
Dragon: Are there any "urban legends" from where you live? What are they?
Dark: Tell us about a time you had to face up to a fear.
Ghost: When is the last time you were so surprised, you gasped?
Grass: Where do you feel you belong the most?
Poison: Name something you enjoy, but that no one else seems to.
Bug: What has changed about you in the past 5 years? What has not?
Normal: What are three of your favorite things in your everyday life?
Fairy: Tell us a story. Any story.
Water: What do you do when you feel you need to be healed?
Ice: If you were to stop time to enjoy an activity, what would that thing be?
Flying: Tell us about a moment when you gained perspective in life.
Psychic: Who truly understands you?
Electric: What do you think gets you out of bed in the morning?
Rock: Name three things your life revolves around most.
Ground: Who helps you stay on the "right path"?
Steel: Name an opinion/practice you are adamant about, something you will not change.
Fighting: What is something you desperately want to change?
daydreamsmiracles asked:
Hi! My name is Chiara, im 14 and i want to be an artist and i was wondering if you could give me some advice based on what i'm doing? Its ok if you cant! Thank you very much! (My artblog is kikasdrawings!)
jacobin replied:

Heyyy! Sorry about the slow reply, I’ve been ridiculously busy this past month! This is a bit hard for me to answer though, so I will give you some general advice that I wish I’d known at that age. To be honest, most of this is super-generic, but I know that I DEFINITELY wish that I’d been doing these earlier on in my artistic path;

  • Don’t be afraid to push yourself and draw subject matter that you are weak at! I know that this is one of the most ubiquitous responses to questions like this, but for real. I think when I started honestly pushing myself to draw what I was bad at drawing, I improved dramatically. I used to be intimidated by shading/lighting, but now I find it kind of fun; previous victories also include clothing design, proportion, colour theory etc. I have a list of things that I’m currently working on, and making progress always feels great. :)
  • DRAW FROM LIFE! I got a lot of enjoyment from drawing characters from shows and games that I liked, but interpreting real life (or photos) in your own style teaches you so much! To be honest, I need to pick this back up as I don’t do nearly as many studies as I should be doing!
  • Relevant to the last point; (but not directed towards the asker, it just came to mind) you can only get so far mimicking other artists. Don’t strive to become a clone of your inspiration (that ain’t cool for anyone involved, really).
  • But also don’t feel self-conscious about drawing things from shows or games or whatever. Exposing yourself to lots of different things is SO beneficial. I guess this is why I say to not focus on mimicking one particular artist/style. Make your own creative path and line it with your passions, etc etc uvu !
  • Don’t fret if you feel like you aren’t improving or you don’t like where you’re at. I used to let this get me down a lot! But in the end I guess I realised I was still learning from the work I wasn’t entirely happy with, even if the process was slow. Putting yourself down isn’t going to get you anywhere, and kind of becomes a cycle that’s hard to break from.

I don’t really have any formal artistic training (I have an education in graphic design) so I don’t have any cool techniques to pass on really! I honestly just draw things that I am passionate about and that I find aesthetically pleasing. I’ve found that much of the work that I put the most heart into has been the most beneficial to me! :’D


"Can I tell you something, Reading? Can I make a confession to you? I had somebody tell me that, the other day, that I say ‘thank you’ too much at shows. And it’s not rock and roll and I was thinking about that and to be honest with you today I was feeling anxious and thought that I needed to come right out there and say nothing on the microphone and just play our music. And I’m thinking about that and I just feel conflicted on stage today ‘cause I don’t feel like that’s authentic for me and I don’t really give a damn what anybody says about saying ‘thank you’. Two years ago we were playing in tiny bars for six hour gigs. 5 years ago we were playing in tiny bars. There’s bands that are out there today that have been doing that for 10 years. My wife did that for 10 years and she still is. And she’s in a band... So I don’t really give a damn. I am just gonna say ‘thank you’ ‘cause this is incredible to play for all these people. If that makes me not as rock and roll as the people that will come on stage then I don’t really give a damn. This is who I am, so I hope that you will just accept me for that. I love you UK. This has been a place we’ve wanted to come since we started the band. I wrote it on a white board 5 years ago that we would come overseas and we would be able to play around the world and that was our dream. And it’s a cheesy thing to say but I don’t care ‘cause here we are, we’re doing it and this is just incredible so THANK YOU.That’s what I wanted to say. THANK YOU.”

— Dan Reynolds’ speech during Imagine Dragons set at Reading Festival. (x)

(give imaginedragonsdaily credits for the transcription)




What fucks me up about the Darren Wilson fundraiser is that he hasn’t been charged with a crime. He doesn’t have to hire a lawyer. He’s on paid leave, so he’s not losing wages. This is not covering his expenses, because he doesn’t have any additional expenses. This is a reward. He’s getting a $250,000 reward for murdering an unarmed black kid.


None of this is true. This is how good the Ferguson PD’s smear campaign has been. Not one sentence here is accurate. Let’s break this down:

  1. "HE HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL." Michael Brown’s autopsy showed no sign of struggle.The picture of the CT scan that’s being passed around to show that Wilson had an orbital blowout fracture is actually from 2008 from the University of Iowa, and a right-wing pundit photoshopped out the date and hospital info.
  2. "MIKE REACHED FOR HIS GUN." Officer Wilson’s story is that the first shot that went off was an accidental discharge while they were fighting over the gun. However. there was no gunpowder residue on Mike Brown, meaning that he was absolutely not holding the gun when it went off and furthermore that he was not even that close. He was fired on from a distance.
  3. "HIS FRIEND THAT WAS WITH HIM EVEN ADMITTED THAT HE LIED ABOUT THE COP JUST RANDOMLY SHOOTING HIM AND CONFIRMED THAT THEY ROBBED THE STORE." This is actually a compound lie, which is kind of impressive. His friend, Dorian Johnson, did not say that. His lawyer said they were together in the convenience store, the police said there was a robbery, and the media put those two statements next to each other to imply a statement was made that never was. Johnson isn’t being charged with anything because the Ferguson PD “determined he committed no crime." The Ferguson PD also admitted Officer Wilson didn’t know about the scuffle at the convenience store before he stopped Brown and Johnson. You may be wondering why I say scuffle instead of robbery. That’s because there wasn’t one: the owners of the store didn’t call the police and video shows Brown paying for the cigarillos! The clerk confronted Brown about reaching across the counter instead of waiting for him to hand over the cigarillos, he put his hand on Brown, and Brown pushed him. Yes, he pushed him too hard, but the clerk apparently didn’t care enough to call the police. The police were called by another customer in the store, who apparently didn’t know what was actually happening.
  4. "SELF DEFESE." The autopsy shows that he was shot on the inside of his arm, meaning his hands were up, and the top of his head, meaning that, since Brown was 6’4”, either he was on his knees or the officer was 8’ tall. The officer was not 8’ tall.

The evidence clearly shows that Officer Wilson, who had no idea of the not-actually-a-robbery, executed the unarmed Mike Brown while he was on his knees with his hands in the air. Just like all of the eyewitnesses said (except for “Josie,” who turned out not to be real).

But the Ferguson PD’s already tainted public opinion. They’ve spread so many lies so effectively that no amount of evidence will bring justice. Your ignorance here is proof of just how effective it’s been.